The philosophy of the estate is resolutely oriented towards a thought-out growing process that respects the environment and favors the vine’s own natural defenses.

We have always given priority to respecting the soil.

For over twenty years no chemical fertilizers have been used. Instead, we favor the use of biological-label organic compost that imparts the necessary soil-balancing elements to the ground.

Vine husbandry is done by plow and the vineyard is protected against downy mildew with careful doses of “Bouillie Bordelaise”.

Recent techniques such as sexual confusion help to avoid applying insecticides against worms that can attack the grape clusters.

Removal of excess buds, thinning of shoots and removal of unwanted leaves are carried out every year.

Our goal is to nurture healthy grapes until harvest that contain good phenolic maturity indices and optimal sugar levels while at the same time maintaining a high degree of balance that creates great wines.