Respect for the grape, the pursuit of a naturally optimal ripening and the expression of the terroir itself; these factors could sum up the search for excellence at Font de Michelle and Font du Vent.

Red wines

The grapes are totally removed from their stems. The maceration of skins during fermentation last for 18 to 24 days for the Châteauneuf du Pape and 8 to 15 days for the Côtes du Rhône. The vinification takes place in thermo-regulated vats. The fermentation thus done at regulated temperatures of about 30°C is ideal for extracting the maximum aromas, colors and tannins.

During the maceration and fermentation times different operations are carried out to develop the sensory qualities of the different grape types (treading the grapes, drawing the grape juice from the bottom of the vat and back to the top over the skins, delestage – to draw the juice off during fermentation, separate it from the seeds and then re-spray it back onto the skins as it continues to ferment). The maturation is begun in the month of January when it is put into big barrels (foudres) and oak casks (fûts). Bottling is done at the estate 18 months after the harvest.

White wines

After pressing the grapes directly from harvest, the fermentation is done in vats that are thermo-regulated to about 18°C and for a time in new oak casks.

The white wines are put into bottles 10 months after being harvested.